16 April 2010

Where did you all come from?!? and more swatches!

Hello new followers! I am amazed. I've gained almost 15 followers in the last 5 hrs. Every time I finish a post I have a couple more! Thanks for following! I love you already! :) P.s. Check out my contest! I need more entries! And I have a feeling you all have some talent! So....DO IT! haha

Yesterday I posted that I got six OPIs at Regis for only $10. Do you want some swatches? Do ya? OK!

Look at the new pretties:

L-R: Parlez-vous OPI?, Clubbing til Sunrise, Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, Bronzed to Perfection, and Eiffel For This Color. (Not pictured is You Don't Know Jacques, it now belongs to my mom!)

Parlez-Vous OPI?:
Direct Sunlight (aka sticking my arm out my window!)

Parlez-Vous OPI? is a dusty purple. As you may or may not know, I love me some dusty purple polish! Flawless application, opaque in two coats! It's a new favorite! :) :) :)

Clubbing til Sunrise:
Indirect Sunlight

Clubbing is a sunny, shimmery orange. Perfect for summer! Two coats to be opaque, easy application! My favorite orange I've ever tried! Can't wait to sport this one in the summer! Stunning!

Yoga-ta Get This Blue!:
Indirect Sunlight

Yoga-ta is a gorgeous navy blue shimmer. In the bottle it looks like it has a teal flash but on the nails it does not. I think I did two coats. It was almost completely opaque in one coat. Very stunning. I love it. It would be great in the winter. 

Bronzed to Perfection:
Direct Sunlight

Bronzed to Perfection is a burnt orange with tiny orange flakies in it. The flakies are stunning in the bottle. On the nail? Not so much. I'm not a fan of the color. No application problems besides not getting the flakie loving that I needed. Extremely disappointed. Far from perfect.

Eiffel For This Color:
Direct Sunlight (Yeah I was half way out the window/on the roof) haha 

Eiffel is a deep burgundy/dark purple with shimmer. Indoors the shimmer is not existence but BAM! in the sun it's so gorgeous! Two coats. No application problems. Love it. It is another winter color, but hey I'll sport it whenever!

What do you think? Did I strike gold with any of these colors?


  1. i like Yoga-ta Get This Blue! haha its soo nice color :)

  2. I like it too! It's really pretty in the sun!


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