26 March 2010

Need a little inspiration? *CONTEST*

This Contest Has Ended!

Hey Ladies!

It's about time I posted this contest! Now remember, this is set up so I can get to know you a little bit. However, it's definitely not the usual 'get to know you' routine. There's no personal questions or give me one word to describe you type of thing. Instead, I want to know how your mind works. Through inspiration.


Yeah, let me explain how it's gonna work.


I'm going to provide you with a picture that you must use as inspiration for a manicure, makeup look, or whatever. What you do is up to you, but you must explain how the photo inspired you to create your manicure/makeup/etc. Anything goes!(The picture is below the rules!)

Entries will be ‘judged’ on inspiration to look execution but not necessarily artistic ability. If you’re not a pro, don’t worry! I’m not a pro either! It’s about where your mind goes when you look at something and how you translate that artistically. Remember, other forms of artistic expression will be accepted! If that’s what you feel inspired to do, go for it! But remember to explain it!

After all the entries are in, I will consult my panel (i.e. my bff Abby, and random family/friends) and we will determine the top five. Again, I want to stress that it's not about artistic ability! Though I'm pretty sure you will all do amazing things! There's talent in this group! Once the top five have been picked, I will post them--with their inspiration explanation--and all of you will vote for the winner and a runner up!

That's right. Two winners. Two sets of prizes.

Before I show you them, here's a rule recap:
1. I would like everyone to be a follower, simply because it's a part of my 'get to know my followers' kick off. International followers can participate!

2. You must use the picture provided. (Below) This is because it's cool to see everyone's take on the same thing! And it's kind of a fun twist...at least I think so. :)

3. Please send entries to glamgeekchic@gmail.com by April 22, 2010 @ 12am CST

4. Please submit only one entry. I want to see how the photo speaks to you initially, not after three or four attempts. ;) *EDIT* You can submit more than one entry if each entry is a different from of artistic expression. (For example: one makeup look and one nail art OR one drawing and one makeup look, etc.)

5. Have fun with it!!!!!!!

Now for the photo. I did a random web search and picked one that I thought was really interesting and I think you guys can go crazy and come up with some fabulous ideas!


I'm sure you've been patiently waiting to find out the prizes, that or you've scrolled down just to see them before looking at anything else. (Sidenote: The prize sets will probably get added to before the deadline, I'll keep you posted.)

1st place will win this set:

Orly Gumdrop, China Glaze Strawberry Fields, Milani Hi-res (holo!), Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy, Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad in Copper Chic, a lipstick case, and three Lindt's chocolate bunnies!

2nd place will recieve:

China Glaze Flying Dragon, Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Gold Rush, Mary Kay Mini Mineral Eye Color Quad and two Lindt's Chocolate bunnies!

The Mary Kay quad colors are:

*All prizes are new, unopened & unused items!*

Before sending me an entry, please read the rules! Make sure you follow them correctly!  There have been too many incorrect entries, so please read the rules! Remember, it's a contest not a giveaway!

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment or email me! I will answer them quickly! Please make me aware of any confusion right away!

Feel free to spread the word about the contest, the more the merrier! You have permission to use any and all of the photos in this post to do so.

Have fun!!!!


  1. cooollll contest i wanna try itttt , i ll do it on weekend !!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're excited! Good luck! Can't wait to see your entry!

  3. Hi Kayla, This is a mice contest :-)
    Well I shall try to make something for you. You will see it in your mil when I am finished with it.
    Good luck and I wish you a lot of participents
    in this contest!
    Love from Holland.

  4. What a fabulous blog you have here & gorgeous giveaway! Enter me please!

    I'm Jennifer
    My Email: ijenyfah_@hotmail.com

    am a follower of your exquisite blog! x

  5. this is hard....well to figure what to do. there are so many possibilities
    I have your picture up on my desktop wall paper right now so I can look at it everyday and figure something out.

  6. Shortnails, I'm sure you'll come up with something great! Don't think too hard on it, just do whatever comes to mind first!

  7. Hi Kayla,
    I am a follower ofcourse :-)
    I mentioned your contest at my blog over here:
    And I sent my entry to you by mail.

  8. wow this is so cool.. when I am finished with my uni work I am sooo gonna do this :-) cant wait!!

  9. @Romika Thank you for mentioning the contest and for entering! Good luck!

    @Rebekah I can't wait to see your entry!! Good luck! :)

  10. Entered!

    A bit of a rubbish entry, but wanted to support the whole thing :) awesome idea!

  11. I am a follower - gonna get my inspiration on ...I love this photo!

    I added you to my "Givings Away" sidebar and you're on my blogbomb!


    tifani1 (at) hughes [dot] net

  12. @Emybloom No entry I have received has been rubbish! :) I'm glad you entered and good luck!

    @yardsticks Can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for adding me to your sidebar and blogbomb! It means a lot! :D

  13. Hey Kayla! I'm following you on Google. I was just wondering if we can do a makeup look and a nail art look or just one or the other? Thanks!

  14. @ The Student's Guide
    The original rule was one or the other but since I haven't gotten the desired response for entries I'll say go for it! I'll accept both if you decide to do them! :)

  15. wow!! i would love to enter on this contest!!!

  16. @ThRiSzHa I would love to have you enter! Please do, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

    @Student's Guide
    You're welcome! Thanks for taking an interest in my contest!


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