30 April 2010


I'm sorry that the contest has been so complicated.

I'm sorry that some of you find it slightly unfair.

I'm sorry that I forgot to mention voting ends on May 5th, winners announced May 6th.

I'm sorry, but I won't change it again.

I'm sorry I can't please everyone with the rules.

I'm sorry everyone isn't having fun with it.

And, I'm sorry but I'm done apologizing.

Where did the fun go? That was the point: fun. I had fun looking at your entries, waiting for your entries was exciting too. I had hoped to do more contests in the future but I may not if it's going to be so complicated.

I think not seeing the sun for three days has made me gloomy. I really want to show you Hidden Treasure but I can't take any decent pictures without the sun! Hopefully by the end of the weekend the sun will come out! *crosses fingers*

Have a FUN and nail polished filled weekend!


  1. Kayla, quit apologising. It's your giveaway and you can run it as you like. Smile! :)

  2. The flower pictures are so pretty! I hope you get a sunny day soon.

  3. I felt like an apology was needed because people were expressing what seemed like anger/frustration. I am smiling but I feel like some others might not be. Thank you for the kind comments. You make me smile! :D

  4. I had fun voting. :o)

    The only hard part was having to pick which one to vote for.

  5. I'm so glad you had fun voting!! It is hard to pick! They're all so amazing!

  6. u dont need to apologize sweety.. as what I've told u its ur contest and u dont need to please everybody...

  7. oppppppsss... if ever a constant can vote.. I vote for Karin's shooting star coz is simply beautiful..

  8. No I agree with Trisha.....don't worry about it.
    And thank you Triszha for voting for me :-))


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