20 April 2010


Hey guys! I'm at school right now but I wanted to quickly remind you of the contest deadline.

The Inspiration contest ends April 22, 2010. You have two more days. I've also decided that I'll allow entries as long as it is April 22 somewhere in the world. So that gives a few more hours to get entries in!

I've also added additional prizes to each set...but I'm not telling what they are. Could be nail polish, could be something else, or maybe both? Hmmm.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's entries as they come in and would love to see some more in the next couple days! Also, if you sent me an entry and didn't get a confirmation email from me, please try again just to be sure I received it. I've been replying as soon as I see each entry, so if you didn't get a reply chances are I didn't get your entry!

Thanks guys! I'm gonna post again later about some giveaways going on in the blogging world! Keep checking back!



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