21 February 2011

Going naked for awhile.

Hey everyone!

Lately I've been breaking my nails so much that the ends are peeling slightly. Anyone who has experienced this knows that peeling can take a little while to go away. And nail polish doesn't always help protect the nail especially if it chips. My job requires me to use my hands a lot and handle things like heavy shelves. This makes my nail polish chip so easily that it's been hard to keep them from peeling and breaking. It's added onto the damage.

I've decided to go with naked nails for a while. They have been filed down and I've applied only Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition. I wanted to put a treatment on that you massage in, instead of something that goes on like a clear topcoat which can chip and peel off. It would just add to the damage. And I am using cuticle oil as well! A healthy cuticle makes a healthy nail! :)

For my upcoming posts, I wanted to know what you would like to see. I have a feeling I know the answer but   I will go ahead and poll you anyways. I'll just list some options and you can go ahead and comment on what you would like to see.

1. I have a stock pile of old swatches that for whatever reason never made it on to the blog. I can start posting them along with some new ones I did last week.

2. Makeup! Swatches, LOTD, etc. Just makeup! Switch to makeup while my nails get back to beautiful.

3. Fashion. LOTD, etc. I like clothes, and I could probably ramble on about it for you. :)

4. Geek out! Talk to us about the geeky things in your life! It is in my blog name....

5. Switch it up! Swatches, makeup, geek, etc. just do it all!

I was going to come up with some more random funny options like lion taming videos or something but I'm so tired today that I couldn't! Lame! I failed on the funny. Let me know what you think or I'm just going to torture you with cute videos from YouTube or something.

Thanks guys! I always value your opinion! You make my world go round *Aww, cheesy moment*


05 February 2011

Essie in Target March 6th!

I know quite a few bloggers have discovered Essie in their local Wal-Marts recently. I haven't. :(  I also know that a lot of people don't like shopping at Wal-Mart. There's good news: Target is launching their Essie displays in store starting March 6th.

Target has newsletters for employees that roll out every month and give updates on new items coming to the stores. I randomly chose to browse it on my break (yes, I work at Target), and discovered this lovely bit of news. I've been dying to see the new Essie bottles and displays! Now, it will be coming right to me! Exciting! And I don't have to venture into the dreaded Wal-Mart. :)

As of right now, Target has the old Essie core line that they've always carried. You know, the generic reds, mauves, pinks and nudes, but no fun colors. So this is exciting to me, I love the idea of having more to chose from and I'll be able to pick some colors I haven't been able to find in any salons in town (Sew Psyched!).

Anyone else super pumped for this?

03 February 2011

First sun I've seen in months...

And my camera dies. Seriously? And I was even wearing a holo nail polish. It was just asking for its picture to be taken while it sparkled in the sunshine. China Glaze Techno Teal is gorgeous in the sun, I wish I could show you. I love the Tronica collection. Unfortunately my salon had slim pickings, and I was only able to grab two. My wallet appreciated it.

Funny story from today!! I thought we were being invaded by space spiders!! No lie. Why? Well, I was just about to turn down my driveway when I noticed something strange happening on the road ahead of me. There was a car stopped and it (at first) looked like there was a dog walking in front of it. I was far enough away that details were hard to make out and it was a heavily shaded area.

Then the "dog" turned slightly and the shape changed drastically. It looked like a spider with two pointy protrusions coming out from each side of its body. A giant spider. Insert terrified four letter words here. I had come to a complete stop and was staring. Would you like a better visualization? Here, I drew you a picture.

Terrifying. hahahahaha. Not so much in my drawing. But just add sci-fi special effects in your imagination and you've got what I saw. After about thirty frightful seconds of staring I figured out what it was. 

No, it was not a space spider invading my neighborhood. 

It was two turkeys fighting. Back and forth across the road. They caused a bit of a traffic jam. Oh and a picture to show you what it actually was:

What, you expected an actual picture? Dead camera, remember? Silly. So after I realized what it was, I also realized I was holding up traffic and needed to turn. It was the craziest thing. If I had been closer I wouldn't have had the space spider freak out, but without detail they looked like one creature. Plus I have an overactive imagination and a love of everything sci-fi, and that adds to a situation.

Hopefully there will be more sun tomorrow and I can get some swatches done for you. The quality of pictures taken inside are just no good. I need a solution for the cloudy days that frequently occur here. Until then I will entertain with hilarious space spider stories.

Hope you enjoyed!

CSN Giveaway Winner!

Apparently no one wants to win if there's no nail polish involved. ;) Just 17 entries this time around! That's okay, those 17 people have great odds of winning now!

I used Random.org to select a winner. And out of 17 entries it picked lucky number 11. And who was number 11?


Congrats!!! I will send you an email right now! Please respond within 48 hours, or I will chose a new winner!

Thank you everyone for entering! :) I loved seeing what you would purchase with the gift card! Awesome choices....makes me want to go shopping. That's not good because I get paid tomorrow. This could end badly...