28 April 2010

Hmmm..that can't be right...

Happy Wednesday! Is it extremely windy where you live? I can barely walk outside! The wind is so strong today! So much for doing my hair...

Anyways, this post is once again about the voting for the contest... I know, it's frustrating!
Why haven't you guys been voting in the comments? I went from almost 30 votes in one day to around 5 over the course of a few days. Obviously something wasn't right. I don't know if someone had voted multiple times or if no one wants their vote to be seen in the comments.

Do you like voting anonymously? I'm thinking the majority of you do. So I'm putting up a new poll, this time I searched around and found one that controls how many times a person can vote. Just in case. I trust you guys to be honest in your voting, though.

So refresh your memory over at this post: Entries!

The poll should be to the right. It will only let you vote once. No funny business! Let's have this new system run smoothly, okay?

oh! Almost forgot! Since some of you expressed that it would be easier for me to pick the winners, I've changed up the system a bit. I will be choosing the 1st prize winner based on Inspiration to look execution. The 2nd place winner will be selected by your votes. Most votes wins. I would like you to still keep inspiration in mind but I know it will most likely be skill based.

Remember: Be trustworthy, vote honestly  

Click to view full size image
This kitty will find you. He's a crazed, karate-kicking kitty! 
(haha joking of course, I had to lighten the mood!)

Sorry to those of you who now will be voting for a third time! The first two were clearly practice votes! haha

Thank you for your amazing patience! You all make me smile! :)


  1. ohhhh..as long as the voting will be honest that no problem with it!! hahahaha!!! that karate kitty is cool..
    so same rules in voting right? only ur follower can vote..


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