06 April 2010


How's it goin'?

I don't have any swatches for you today because I shortened my nails. They were in rough shape and if I hadn't done it one of them was about to peel to the extreme! I'll start taking pics again soon so don't worry! There just way too short, not worth swatching on.

Today I'm wearing Milani Hi-Tech, which I have swatched previously. Check that out here. The sun was shining today, and because of that I was staring at my nails while walking to class. Thankfully, I looked up right before I crossed the street! haha!

I dyed my hair on Sunday! The color was called "Bronzed Rubies", and on the box it looked dark brown with a hint of burgundy. Well, my hair just loves red dye and so my hair looks more aurburn/deep red. I'll post a picture later this week. (I need to take a picture outside in the sun.)

How's everyone's contest entries coming along? I hope you'll all participate! I've had a few entries, however most were incorrectly entered. I think a lot of people didn't read the rules and therefore thought it was just a giveaway. Because of this, if you've entered the contest, please double check that you've entered correctly here!

I want everyone to be eligible for the contest! Please, please, please check and make sure you've done everything correctly. I've had one correct entry! Yay, Wilma!  Do you guys want her to win that easily? ;)

Okay, that's all the reminding I'm gonna do...for now. Here's a video of an amazing family on YouTube, watch and check out the rest of their videos! They'll blow you away!

Sorry that the one side is cut off! You don't miss anything though! :)
Love them!!


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