28 April 2010

"Is that one nail polish?" and Fun with my boys outside

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all having a fantastic week!

Today was gorgeous outside! I'm wearing four different glitter polishes and they just lit up with the sunshine!! I'm lucky I didn't walk into anything while staring at my nails. My lab partner asked in amazement if it was one color on my nails, and I laughed. It would have been easy with just one polish! Take a look, you may recognize it since it was 1/5 of my Inspiration nails I posted yesterday!

This is two coats Rimmel Black Satin with Sinful Colors Call You Later, OPI Absolutely Alice, OPI Mad As A Hatter, and Milani Diamond Dazzle sponged on top. 

 I think I may wear this for a few days, mostly because I hate removing glitter polish. I'm definitely gonna procrastinate a bit on that one. :)

While I was catching some great nail pics, my dogs Charlie and Sawyer had to play outside too! I took the opportunity to get some pics of them. And since they are just too darn cute, I'm sharing with you! yay!!! haha

 First pic I snap and I catch Sawyer mid-yawn! haha Adorable! Looks like he's laughing, though he always looks like he's smiling! I call him Smiley sometimes, but then it reminds me of Miley Cyrus so I cringe at it. 

 They got in trouble for chasing the neighbors car and not listening when told to stop. They listened very well when I told them to sit and stay though. Good behavior was rewarded with play time. :) I can't resist their cute faces!! Could you??? I doubt it! haha

 My favorite of the day! I love it! Though he then started to eat the stick, and I didn't love it so much! But this picture is to die for! I love my Charlie!

 First tulips of the season!  Charlie stopped to smell them as I was taking pictures of them! Aww!

 Sawyer's turn! He always has to do what his big brother does! Typical younger sibling! :)

Sawyer! You're too cute for words! He's such a model! He poses for pictures! I don't have to say anything, he just does it! He's a natural. Hey Tyra, America's Next Top Dog Model is right here!!!

Sweet Dreams!


  1. woah you comment so fast. I was still editing my post haha.

    what order of the polish did you put on first? did you put the nail polish in the way you described it on the post? i'm trying to figure out the best way to put on multiple layers of glitter polish. The contest design I entered was loose glitter...what a nightmare.

    It looks really nice. I like opi absolutely Alice but I find it a bit too silverish..I want more of a rainbow look..which you have clearly have. I will have to invest in the opi alice line. I too hate glitter removal, I have china glaze atlantis on right now for about a week. I guess eventually i'll remove it

    what lab were you in? I can't believe you can wear nail polish in a lab. when I was in my chemistry lab the chemicals we used ate away at my nail polish. -(

  2. Haha that's funny! I finished my post and then looked for updates and yours was at the top!

    Yes, that was the order I applied them. And I sponged them all on using an eyeshadow sponge applicator (a cheap disposable one, well actually two). And I just layered them over each other. i added the milani just to add some holo to it. You can't tell it's there!

    I love Alice! I find it to be more of a blue when it's used with different colors. Of course with this mani the silver blends in with MAAH. I love Atlantis and felt like a moron when I didn't use it for this mani! Oh well, there's always next time!

    I'm in two labs: Animal Cell Culture Techniques and Pathogenic Microbiology. We don't use any chemicals that would eat away polish so I'm in the clear! I love being able to wear it in lab! It's actually where I get the most compliments!

  3. wow!! bling!! bling!! oh tulip.. i love that tulip!!

  4. That looks awesome! Really like the glitters :)

  5. i really wanna try this! as for glitter removal, have you tried the tinfoil trick?

  6. @ Thriszha I have better pics of the tulips, I'll post them for you!

    @Michelle Thanks! I like them too!

    @Emma Yes, I've tried tinfoil. It does the trick, but I hate sitting there with it on! haha I'm such a baby! ;)

  7. I miss your dogs. And you of course. But mostly your dogs.


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