05 April 2010

Lady Gaga and More Giveaways

Hello! I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend! I had a great weekend with family! Lots of good food and games outside in the gorgeous weather!

Thursday night we had my nieces over since they were going to spend Easter with their dad's family. It's always a crazy fun time with them here. The only problem is that they rely on us to think of things to do...and my parents aren't exactly in the child mindset so it mostly lands on me. So I came up with doing a fashion show. Savanah is very much a girly girl so she was all for it. Hailey is more of a tomboy so she just wanted to help me by announcing different outfits, etc.

For Savanah's first outfit I had a fantastic idea. I grabbed my Halloween costume from last year and dressed her up. Check out the cutest Lady Gaga you've ever seen:
Of course she did not want to wear just the dress so she has her clothes on underneath, but she's still adorable!

It seems like April is the month for giveaways! I've got some good ones to tell you about:

Kelsealaurel is giving away a Hana Professional Flat Iron! It's a cute pink 1" iron! Go check it out!

Magic Maid is celebrating 400+ followers by giving away 10 polishes including Opulent Cloud, a common lemming! Hurry over and enter!

Fashioned in Finland let's her winner chose from 4 different prizes! Nail polish, lip gloss, and glitter! Sound great? Check out her fabulous blog!

Rainbow Briteness is giving away circle lens! This may not be for everyone but I think it's a cool, unique prize! If you like the prize, you should definitely go and enter!

Lauren is giving away a $25 Sephora Gift Card! Go enter and think of all the fun stuff you could buy! :)

Crystaliciousss is having a huge giveaway for her followers! Only 13 entries so far! Make that 14...I'm entering now! :)

Alright Glamgeeks! Have fun entering giveaways! Make sure you check out the blogs as you enter, they've got great posts and they have links to other giveaways as well! Thanks for reading!


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