02 April 2010

Switching it up a bit--Face Facts!

Hello darling followers!
I'd better start with a disclaimer:
Sorry, no nails in this post! :) But don't worry, it'll be just fine!

As I was washing my face during my nightly routine, I thought about sharing all the good tidbits of information I've received recently that has helped me have clear skin and keep it that way. Without further ado, I bring you some helpful face facts!

Fact #1: Every day you don't wash your face, you age 9 days. Well, the skin on your face does. Isn't that horrifying?! It ages 9 times faster than normal! So anytime you feel too lazy to wash your face before bed, remember this fact, then run to the bathroom to wash your face! Just keep at it for 21 days, then it's officially a habit and you don't have to think about it, you just do it!

Fact #2: If you don't want wrinkles, always use an "up and out" circular motion when washing and applying moisturizer, etc. Work against gravity, not with it!
*Remember, you're never too young to think about wrinkles! Early prevention is key! You can reverse it later, but it's harder. So keep it effortless!*

Fact #3: Use one line of products, don't mix brands! Every cosmetic brand/company chemically balances their products to work better together. So, if you use Clean & Clear moisturizer with Biore facewash you could be causing a harmful chemical reaction of sorts in your skin. This can cause aging, due to the breaking down of cell structure, to appear  more rapidly, and allow for more breakouts! If you mix brands and you are still breaking out severely, try one line of products and it may help resolve the problem! Think of your face as a battlezone, the two different brands fit against each other, but your skin is the only casualty!

Fact #4: Everything you do to your face, do the same to your neck and chest! Have you ever seen that one lady with the face of a 40 year old and the neck of an 80 year old? Scary! You want your face and neck to both look young, and your chest too, because, as ladies, we like to wear tank tops and occasionally show a little skin. Tastefully, of course! ;)

Fact #5: Most skin care companies get their products from factories that mass produce them for very little money. This means that there is no reason that there should ever be a $200 eye cream or anything else that expensive. You can get the same quality product for a reasonable price and get the same results, as long as you follow Fact #3!

Fact #6: I'm sure most of you know this but, anytime you use a finger to apply a product around your eyes, use your ring finger. Why? Do this: Place your hand palm down on a flat surface, like a table or desk. Now tuck your middle finger under your hand.  Lift your thumb. Put it back down. Now, lift your index finger and put it back down. Lift your pinky, and put it back down. Now, try to lift your ring finger. You shouldn't be able to lift it very high, unless you have amazingly strong musculature in that finger. The ring finger actually has the least developed musculature in your hand. Because of this, you can use it around your eyes and it won't be too hard on the fragile skin.

Fact #7: Your pores are shaped like V's. In order to properly cleanse your skin, you need a cleanser that liquefies at room temperature. If you don't, the cleanser may just sweep across the pore, cleaning only topically and not clearing the pore of impurities (which can putrify in only 8 hours). Or the cleanser may go into the pore but you won't be able to effectively rinse it out and then it will sit in the pore and putrefy, which in turn causes more acne.

Fact #8: Remember, there are five steps to good skin:
        1. Cleanse--remove impurities
        2. Exfoliate--stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells
        3. Freshen & Tone-- remove residue from previous products & refine look of pores
        4. Moisturize--bring skin back to perfect moisture level
        5. Protect--from the environment (sun, impurities, etc.) This can be sunblock, or depending on the brand, a good foundation!

Well that's my face facts!  I wish my list would have rounded out a nice solid 10 but 8 will do! I hope these help you in achieving beautiful, clear skin!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post. You can also add a facial masque as another step for good skin. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is great for deep cleansing skin that is prone to pimples and enlarged pores to leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Follow the link below to get a coupon for $1.00 off and give it a try. Hope you enjoy.


  2. Thanks Queen! Generally a mask falls under freshen and tone. It does the same thing as a toner would, so if you use a mask you can skip the toner!


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