15 April 2010

A few NOTDs

Hey! I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I'm ready for the weekend!

Today my mom got her hair cut at Regis Salon in the mall in town and they were selling "surprise bags" for $10. The bags were filled with hair products and OPI nail polish! My mom's hairdresser, Tiff, let my mom look through the bags and customize what she wanted. Well, I heard about this and dragged my mom back to the salon and talked to Tiff. She let me customize a bag too! I walked away with six OPI polishes for $10.70! I was thrilled! I gave one to my mom because she let me have a hair product from her bag!

I ended up with: Parlez-vous OPI
                          Eiffel for This Color
                         Clubbing Til Sunrise
                         Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
                         Bronzed to Perfection
I gave my mom You Don't Know Jacques because I own the matte version! Do any of you own these colors? Do you love them? Hate them? Are the just okay? I'll have to get to swatching them!

Speaking of swatches, I have a few more to do for my Savvy/Pure Ice polishes I promised to put up today, so I'm finishing them tomorrow and posting them tomorrow as well!

To get you by, I'm posting some recent NOTDs!

This one is from Tuesday, it's Savvy Golden Honey with a stripe of Pure Ice Risk Taker on my ring finger.
Indoor with Flash

Indoor without Flash

Indirect sunlight, gorgeous! :)
It was funny, because I got some many compliments on what I thought was a simple mani! One of my lab partners kept asking me where I got my nails done! Haha!

Next, Wednesday's NOTD was Claire's Confident/Peaceful:

I tried to get a pic as it changed colors but it was too quick! I do like how the water spots stayed darker! Kinda cool!

Easiest french manicure ever! haha I love the gradient look on nails, hate it on clothes! 

Today's NOTD was also a Claire's mood polish, Calm/Wild!

Lovely! I had fun watching this one change all day! 

I hope you enjoyed these NOTDs! Tomorrow will have many swatches! Get excited! ;P

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