28 April 2010

Giveaways--Don't miss out!

Heads up! Here's some more giveaways!

Technopathetic is giving away 6 polishes plus other goodies including chap stick and a candy filled flipflop?! haha
Take a look:
Clicking on the picture will take you to the giveaway!

Mon Coin à Moua is having a Flakie and Glitter giveaway...wait I typed that wrong.. a FLAKIE and GLITTER giveaway!!!!! Um, why haven't you headed over there yet? Oh, you want me to win it all? Okay! So sweet of you! ;) Okay, okay, look at this first:

Yep, two prizes! So generous!!! Click a pic to go there!

Ladies, if you don't enter you will regret it. But I will be more than happy to post about my winnings! haha I'm getting too cocky.......


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