08 April 2010

New Hair Color & Yesterdays Eye LOTD

Midnight seems to be my favorite blog posting time. Oh, insomnia.

I took some pictures of my hair for you today! In the sun and indoors. Looking at the pictures has made me love it so much more! I hope you guys like it too! Shall I spam you with some pics? Here goes!

First, a before shot.

Notice the blond (picture makes it look gray, ick!) roots and horrible facial expression. Definitely time to fix it up!

Et, voila!

A much happier expression, no?

Yay sunshine! Ugh, I need to wash my car! :)

So glad to be rid of my roots! Darker hair suits me better than my natural blond.

Yesterday I finally did some fun eye makeup instead of a hurry up and go/normal routine look.  I wanted to use some bright colors but since I was in school all day, I wanted it to be subtle. Here's what I came up with! It's not the greatest quality picture, but it'll work.

 It's a real simple look! I used only my Coastal Scents 88 palette! But all you need is a white, yellow, green, and blue shadow! It will work with just one of each color but I added in colors that were in between to help with the gradient (like yellow-green and teal).

Thanks for reading! 

Good night!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. Last night I had a dream where everyone was nail polish. We were a bunch of walking, talking bottles of polish! I was ChG Ruby Pumps, which may be due to my obsession with The Wizard of Oz. Oh, and I was solving a murder (read: broken bottle haha) but couldn't because everyone I interviewed looked like OPI Absolutely Alice. haha My dreams are crazy! Had to share it! 


  1. The new color is gorgeous. I like it very much. Great dream! LOL

  2. Your hair looks s beautiful!! Good job!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful compliments!! You're very sweet!

  4. Gorgeous color! And your eyes looks awesome.
    LOL nice dream ;-)))

  5. nice hair color !!
    i have a giveaway in my blog come in see if you want :)

  6. I'm glad everyone likes my hair color! I think I really do too! I may have to stay a red head for a while! I may get the color professionally touched up though!


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