21 April 2010

Holy Giveaways, Batman!

Hey everyone! Did you all watch Glee? I'm still singing all the songs! :) I need to go to Itunes and get me some Glee songs! Anyways....

There are a lot of great giveaways out there! Let me share a few with you now!

Babbling Brooke is giving away a Hana 1" Professional Ceramic Flat Iron & some accessories for it. It's pink, it works extremely well, and it's free! Click here to check it out and enter!

It may be impossible for someone to want this as much as I do! It's so cute! And it does an amazing job! Check out Brooke's  giveaway post to see her before and after pictures!

Legra is having a giveaway celebrating 50 followers! Yay! (Say Hi to follower #97, me! haha) She's giving away some nail polish:
- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizazz
- Sinful Colors Cream Pink
- Nicole by OPI Honey-Dew You Love Me (cute blue hearts!)
- OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
- Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat
- China Glaze LOL
- China Glaze DV8
- China Glaze Luna
- China Glaze Blue Hawaiian 
- China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Whoa! That's amazing! Who isn't jumping up and down to get in on this? You? What is wrong with you!?!? Go follow her now, and enter her giveaway here!

Anyone longing for MAC Blue India? Me! Me! :) Head over to I Love Nail Polish and enter for a chance to win it!! Check out her super awesome blog while your over there! 

I think I'm just going to show a picture of the next giveaway. It'll speak for itself...
Plus she's giving away an adorable pair of earrings that, personally, I would love to rock! :) Check out Helena's great blog and giveaway here!

And last, but certainly not least:
Painted Lady Fingers is giving away the whole Hard Candy Just Nails line. That's 16 polishes! Ladies, I'll fight you for it...okay, probably not but I may throw a menacing look your way! ;) Take a look:
Did I mention you get all 16 polishes? Oh, and the rings too!

It's an amazing blog with an amazing giveaway, please go check it out! Now!

Another giveaway has just appeared! Laura is giving away Stuff for the Kitchen, including some adorable gloves!!! You even have the option between two color for the gloves. She has a wonderful blog, so please check out the whole thing while you're over there! Right here!

There's the lineup! Go out there and win! 

Thanks for stopping by! And for more Anchorman referencing: Stay Classy! 


  1. hahahaa LOL at the title^^


  2. Haha! Thank you for finding humor in it! I don't like to feel alone in my geeky-ness! ;)


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