22 April 2010

Hug a Tree!

Hey guys! Happy Earth Day! I just wanted to quickly post that I am sporting China Glaze Tree Hugger in honor of Earth Day. I will add pics later, as I am on campus right now. EDIT: Err, sorry no pics! I tried to water marble over the tree hugger and it was a disaster! Sorry!!

So tell me, what polish are you sporting in celebration of Earth Day? A nice green like myself? Or maybe something with a 'green' name, like ChG Recycle or ChG Shower Together?

I'm not gonna do the whole speech about what you can do to do your part in saving the Earth, as I am pretty sure you'll have a few filling your dashboard from other bloggers!

I'm gonna go enjoy the weather while I can...I have 45 minutes until my next lab.

Oh! Remember, the contest ends today!! When the last time zone changes to April 23, it's over! I'll be keeping an eye out for last minute entries! Don't feel like it's too late! You still have plenty of time to get an entry in!



  1. Today I'm wearing ChG Shower Together with dots in ChG Recycle. Seems appropriate!

  2. Completely appropriate! I love it! It sounds fabulous!

  3. I'm using the green color polish to celebrate earth day. hehee~
    I wish we can celebrate earth day everyday so we won't forget to do our part to preserve our earth^^


  4. @ Risyaa So true! That's how our mentality should be!


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