26 April 2010

Big City Inspiration

Hey Everyone!
   Before I show you my take on the inspiration contest, I want to address something. I got a couple questions on my Formspring about the contest becoming a "popularity contest" and voting being done based on skill and not inspiration.  I made the voting up to the followers because I thought it would be a great way for everyone to be involved in the process and to see the amazing entries I received. I had hoped that everyone would read the inspirations with the entries and use it to help their voting. I realize that not everyone will do that, and I understand that I won't have any way to prevent skill-based voting.
    When I posted all the entries and opened voting, I honestly wondered how everyone would vote because of the great skill everyone showcased in their entries. I also was extremely pleased when posting the inspirations, it gave such insight into everyone's entries that I figured those voting would read them and be influenced by them in their voting. Maybe I was mistaken. Clearly there are people who feel that this whole voting part of the contest is unfair. I pose this question to you all, do you feel the winner should be determined in a different way? Shall I just pick the winners? Or is there a better way to allow voting? I can't seem to come up with one, but please tell me if there is! I will be more than happy to alter it.

Anyways, let's start having fun! I got a request via email to share my take on the inspiration photo, which I had been thinking about doing, so here goes:

When I first saw the photo, immediately the lights caught my attention. Even though it's blurry, to me it looks to be a bigger city. I thought about me, traveling from North Dakota to a big city like Los Angeles or New York, and what my reaction would be. The scene was at night, like the photo, and it would be my first day there. I would be in awe of everything, having wanted to visit for so long and now being able to see it all up close. My mind took me directly to New York, specifically Times Square,  looking up at all the signs and neon lights in amazement and wonder. And then it clicked. Neon signs, lights, and the photo all seemed to go together beautifully...

I was going to recreate this on my nails but I loved the look of the 'ring finger' so much that I just did that instead! As you can see, I thought of different types of neon signs that one would see throughout a city.  The glittery nail represents the blurred lights in the original photo.  The black base represents night, when you would generally see these signs at their best. 

This photo shows the neon of the colors better and also it shows the different colored glitter polishes I used (I think four or five different ones :P).

I realized I was wearing a neon yellow shirt while taking the photos...perfect background for a neon signs manicure? In theory, yes! In reality, eh not so much! haha

I hope you enjoyed my take on the contest! I had fun creating a look! 


  1. I'm so glad you like it! Thanks so much!

  2. I don't know what you can do with your contest. I would say do what you think is the fairest way for the contest to be judged...man contests can get complicated.

    your nails are gorgeous. They totally look like they glow in the dark. it would be awesome if a nail company made glow in the dark nail polish in different colors. cus I think the only glow in the dark nail polish that exists is a clear/ yellowish top coat.

    i think you nails would look fantastic under UV light...or is it black light? I used to have bright pink hair and it glowed under black light/ UV light


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