16 April 2010

Savvy Femme Couture Swatches

Earlier this month, while scooping out the goods at my local Sally Beauty Supply, I spotted a new display of Savvy colors. It said it was the new "Femme Couture" collection. All of colors were gorgeous, definitely go check them out soon (Sally's having a Buy 2 get 1 free sale on all nail polish!).  I picked up three of, I think, 8. Here they are:

L-R: Mango, Golden Honey, and Melon Fusion
I'm not sure if they all had food names, but if they did...it just doesn't make sense. Femme Couture does not make me think food. Weird.

Indirect sunlight

Mango is a light coral, almost nude, color.  Applies kind of thin, I think this was three coats. I think you could get away with two though. It's a strange color, I think it would look better on darker skin tones. I still like it though. Not sure how often I'll wear it.

Golden Honey:
Indirect Sunlight. (Pic from NOTD post)

Golden Honey is, well, gold. Opaque in two, I did three. Applied great, no problems. I don't have any other golds to compare it to, but it seems like your standard gold. When photographing the bottle, I thought I detected a very fine holographic glitter/shimmer in it. But it wasn't noticeable on the nails. Nice color, but easily duped I'm sure.

Melon Fusion:
Indirect Sunlight

Melon Fusion is a gorgeous hot pink that is almost coral. I immediately put it on my toes! I love it! Applied fabulously, opaque in two coats! Worth the buy! Go get it! :) haha I love it. Perfect for your toes for summer!

These were my first Savvy polishes! I'm very impressed. They are great! No problems with them at all! Definitely check out the new Femme Couture collection, there's a gorgeous teal and a holo glitter! I'm probably gonna go back and get more!

How does Savvy rank for you? Great? Terrible? Average?

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