04 May 2010



How was your weekend?

Mine? Eh. Not the best. I worked, and then I worked. And I worked. Oh, yeah it also rained. It's still kind of blah out. :( Sad weekend for taking nail pictures.

I'm hoping that my day off tomorrow will correlate with nice weather. *crosses fingers*  I think it's supposed to still be icky. I will still post some nail pics tomorrow though. Because I discovered that Hidden Treasure has a beautiful rainbow effect that comes alive in the shower. Now, I won't take the pics while taking a shower..that would be awkward to say the least, but I'll use the lighting in the bathroom to replicate the effect. So stay tuned, I won't be MIA for much longer!!

Love, peace, and nail polish...and makeup...I should stop this could go on for a while,


  1. didn't find hidden treasure =( will have to search again. i'm so sure everyone in the nail world is stalking store after store to get them

    but I did get claire's mood nail polish in calm/ wild. Did you get any? I must say the color is awesome. that balanced out my sadness from not finding hidden treasure.

  2. awwwwwww... sun also doent show here in the city of desert!! ohhh this HT driving me nuts!! LOL!!!

  3. @shortnails Keep looking! It's bound to show up! I do have some Claire's mood polishes. I have clam/wild, fabulous/funky, and peaceful/confident. They're awesome!

    @Thriszha I have sun today!!! :) I'm so happy!! I hope you do too!!!


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