22 February 2010

Green with Envy No More!

   Ever since I first saw a swatch for a mint green polish I was in love. I needed that color. However, every time I went to any website to search for one they were always out of stock. I have yet to purchase one.  I still ooh and ahh at every beautiful mint green swatch, but I have satisfied my lemming.

   Remember back if you can, or manually look back, to my post about frankens. I had made a nice soft green polish and quickly swatched it with the other frankens. It was then stashed away and forgotten for a few weeks. Last night I decided to use it, and I'm so glad I did. While it is not a true mint green, it's close enough for me to be extremely happy with it. I would call it a light jade green.
 No flash, poor lighting

No Flash, better lighting

Flash, better lighting

Natural Light

My poor nails had to be cut down really far because of how weak they were. It's weird being able to see the tops of my fingers above my nails. It was for the best and hopefully they will grow healthier and I'll be happier!


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