25 February 2010

Eyeliner and Nail Polish

I've got quite a bit to fit in here today. So I'm just gonna get right into it! Remember back when I got my Hautelook Haul? I was extremely excited to use the Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in Gash, and I finally got around to it! A-ma-zing! Application was great and it looked fabulous!! My grandma even asked if it was available in brown! haha Love her! Take a look at the eyeliner:

It's a lovely metallic red liner. I didn't add any eyeshadow over it because it took away from its glory. (looked matte with shadow, I wanted it to pop!)

Alright! On to polish! I got these four polishes from Walgreen's and I was so excited because:
1. Sinful Colors was on sale for $1.59 and
2. Wet N Wild had new colors out! (only $1.99)

I knelt at the Sinful display forever trying to pick the colors I wanted. And then I walked away to think and look at the other displays and the sales lady told me to go back over there for more 'exotic' colors. She was really sweet and asked to see what I was picking out. I finally found 3 Sinful polishes and one Wet n Wild to buy. My total was only $6.94. I did a happy dance out to my car, well not really but I had to fight the urge. 

L-R: Nocturnal, What's Your Name, Let's Talk, Boom Boom
Here's a picture that's more true to color for Let's talk and Boom Boom:
I lied. Boom Boom is not that peachy looking. Its very bright. But that is exactly how Let's Talk looks. Gorgeous.

First up: Boom Boom.
 I love the name, except I want to add a Pow! at the end of it (Damn Black Eyed Peas!). It's a gorgeous pink creme that is vibrant and a great spring color. Actually, the sales lady picked it up and said, "Well that says Spring to me!" I laughed. She was great. Anyways, application was good, a little thin but easy to work with. Only two coats for full opaque.  This is without cleanup or a top coat. 

Indoors, flash, true to color

Let's Talk: When I saw this on the shelf I immediately thought of the H&M Fashionista swatches Michelle from Lacquerized posted not too long ago. I don't know if it's a dupe for it or not (It doesn't look like it has as much blue in it.) but until I can find out, Let's Talk is my Fashionista (Now that I look back at Michelle's post, Let's Talk is too purple, not enough blurple). A great purple shimmer that was easy to work with. I'm loving the Sinful formula! I'm in love with this polish. Two coats to perfection. Excuse the zoomed out picture, it was the only way to get an in focus, true to color photo.

Beautiful. Except for the smudge on my index. haha

Nocturnal: Another great name. I have been searching for the perfect dark blue polish with no shimmer. I have found it. It's a wonderful dark dark blue creme. Two coats to opaque. Easy to work with, not as thin as Boom Boom, definitely happy with the formula. This is part of the Wet N Wild Craze collection, the sign said it was the "trendy" colors. All the colors were beautiful but the choir started singing when I saw Nocturnal.
Almost black in the pictures. In real life you can tell that its blue. This was the best pic. Blah.

What's Your Name: The name cracks me up because when I saw it my thought was: Oooh what are you called? haha It's a stunning black jelly with teal micro glitter. In love with it in the bottle. On my nails, eh, well you can't really see the glitter. Two coats and it was opaque, but maybe if I had done more the glitter would have shown up more? Oh well. Happy with it though! Don't get me wrong, because in the right light that glitter comes out and GORGEOUS. haha I just wish it was that way all the time.

Caught a little bit of teal glitter on the middle nail. 

Can you see the hint of green? That's what the glitter does to it. 

That was my first Sinful Colors experience. I was impressed at the quality for such a great price! I will definitely purchase more! I'll also go back to the Wet n Wild display and grab more of the Craze polishes. Check them out guys!

Before I go, I want to thank Romika for featuring me on her blog!! Thanks so much, you're a sweetheart! If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out! She's great!


P.S. 9 followers! Shut the front door! haha Amazing! Thanks guys!

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  1. Thank you so much.....but I did it with love for you. Hope you will have a lot of new friends here. I think you do a really nice thing here.

    And you've got gorgeous colors over here. I like them on your nails.......


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