01 February 2010

Promised Swatches and Camera Problems

Hey! I found some time to get the promised shadestick swatches done! Yay!

Since starting this blog I have come to realize that my camera is terrible. I should have realized this a while ago when I was working with electronics. I know what a good camera is, why don't I own one?!?! Oh wait, I spend all my money on makeup. Heh. Nevermind. I think I'll start saving up for a new camera.

On with the swatches! Sorry about the poor quality pictures.....

The Lineup:
Nurture: a shimmery soft peach-pink
Fresh Cement: a shimmery metallic pewter
Cuddle: a very shimmery soft yellow
(In case anyone was curious: Done Out In Deco on my nails)

Here's what they look like:
(The pink's too bright isn't it? I tried several ways to get my camera to focus and this turned out the best.)

Here they are against white. Better? These seem more true to the colors.

Now here's three different angles/styles of swatches. Let me know which ones you think are best. They're all pretty much true to color. I'll say if they aren't below.
This one doesn't show off the shimmer very well.
(L-R: Nurture, Fresh Cement, and Cuddle)

This one gives good shimmer but Fresh Cement is slightly darker and Cuddle is more yellow.

This one seems the best. True to color, shimmer...what do you think?
And finally, the LOTD using my shadesticks...well just Nurture and Fresh Cement
I used Nurture on the inner corner and half of my eye and then FC on the outer half of my eye. I then added a light pink shadow from my 88 palette over Nurture and a charcoal shadow from my mini e.l.f palette over FC. Voila:

What do you think?
That's it for now!

P.S. Hi Abby!


  1. Yeah so, I love this. I do. Love the look too, very pretty. I'm so glad you started this, it makes me extremely happy. Haha.

  2. haha Thanks Abby! Glad you like it! You must help bring more geek into this blog since it is in the name. Collaborate! haha


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