05 February 2010

Swatches, NOTD, and goodies in the mail!!

Hey! Today was a loooooong day. Things didn't go as planned but my day brightened when I got home. I had to packages waiting for me. I was so excited, mostly because it had been awhile since I ordered one of them and had no idea what was in it! It was my order from NYX when they had their dollar sale. My other order came from Victoria Nail Supply. I think I'll do a separate post of what was inside those packages for tomorrow. Suspense!

I did manage some swatches from the impromptu CVS haul. It took me forever to get a picture and its still not the best quality. Apologies in advance! I swear I'll get a better camera someday....
From L-R we have Milani Diamond Dazzle, Sally Hansen Plum's the Word, Black Platinum, and Sephora by OPI Call Your Mother.

I added Call Your Mother because I thought that it would be similar to Plum's the Word. Its actually quite a bit lighter. Which I was thankful for, I'd rather have them be unique! Anyways, that picture gives a good idea of Diamond Dazzle's glitter but isn't true to color for the rest. Here is a blurry picture that gives true color:

Terrible quality, true to color. I hate my camera. 
I really love these polishes. Plum's the Word is just a darker Call Your Mother but there is something about those dusty purples that I love. Black Platinum is gorgeous. I mainly got it so I could see what it looks like matte...LOVE IT! Wish I had a picture...*mumbles about worthless camera*.
I did get some pictures of my LOTD featuring Black Platinum. This was actually yesterday's LOTD but whatever.

I added a coat of Diamond Dazzle on my ring finger and a heart shaped rhinestone on my thumb. I think this is a nice Valentine's Day manicure. Why? Because its not the average pink mani you get for the holiday. Its got an edge, yet still has a red heart. My kind of Valentine's Day mani!

For tomorrow:  Hauls!!!! And a LOTD.


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