08 February 2010

Chuck me!

Monday nights are something I really look forward to. Why? Because one of the best T.V. shows ever is on!


It is definitely the geek's dream show. Geeky guy accidentally becomes a secret agent and gets the hot girl...all while maintaining his geeky charm!

Its a great action/comedy that anyone can get into. Unfortunately, if you've missed it up 'til now you have a lot of catching up to do. Season 3 started a few weeks ago, but just barely. The fans had to rally together to bring it back and it hasn't disappointed us yet.

For any of you Sci-Fi geeks, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find Adam Baldwin(Firefly) being his badass self playing Agent John Casey.  He brings the brawn and the comedy. He's so dreamy. (drool) He's my favorite. If he asked, I would, without hesitation, run away with him in his Crown Vic. Just saying.

But that's not where the drooling stops.  Zachary Levi plays Chuck. And I don't know about you but I can never resist a hottie geek. His smile is melt-worthy. And his comedic timing is amazing. From his facial expressions to...well anything he does, its perfect. And in season 3, he gets to kick ass. Though they better have him use nunchuks soon. Swinging them around does not count!

There's plenty more eye candy...for guys too. Yvonne Strahovski plays Sarah, agent and Chuck's main love interest. You'll want them to get together so bad it'll hurt.
Classic! Love this pic!

Go here or here to find out more about Chuck. Tune in tonight at 8pm Eastern / 7pm central on NBC! I, sadly, have to miss it. But you can bet I'm recording it and watching it when I get home from work!

Maybe if you're good and watch Chuck, I'll do a Buy More themed mani for next monday. :)


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