24 February 2010



So I normally have terrible cuticles. I moisturize daily but they still seem to be so dry and terrible to look at. I was reading a site the other week about getting nail polish off your cuticles and the skin around your nails. It said to paint your nails the night before and then in the shower (or after), take some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an old toothbrush and scrub at the skin. Voila! The skin should be nail polish free!

Well, I tested this out today and let me say this: Free of nail polish? Ha! Nope! Very healthy looking/feeling cuticles? Hell Yeah!!! My cuticles have never looked so good! Ladies, if your cuticles are in need of some TLC, try this quick fix! I honestly scrubbed for 30 seconds on each hand and then washed with soap and water. I finished off by moisturizing as well. Just for added measure. But even before that they were fabulous!

Hope this helps someone! Oh, and the nail polish post will be up tomorrow!!!



  1. You know what? I've never heard of that! I'm so going to try tomorrow. :D

  2. Let me know how it works for you, Michelle! It did great for most of the day but after I got home from work my cuticles were looking sad. Though, now that I'm looking at them, not as bad as before!

  3. I gave this a 'too geeky' rating simply because the title of this post was 'Cute-icles'. WHO DOES THAT?!

  4. Abby, dear Abby, I DO THAT! hahaha That was my 'clever' title? No, I won't claim that. Hmm, I guess I thought it was funny. I will accept your too geeky and cherish it.


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