15 February 2010


This is just a quick post to get out my frustration and to ask a few questions.

I've had some problems with my nail polish being easily peeled off of my nails. I've tried changing base coat and top coat but nothing seems to be helping. It wouldn't be so frustrating if it wasn't damaging my nails in the process. They're very weak as is (from acrylics I had last fall) and I don't want to damage them more.

Right now I'm using Orly ridgefiller as a base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.

Does anyone know if either of these cause peeling (and when I say peeling I mean I can pail off the nail polish in one complete piece)?
Does the thickness of the coats applied make a difference? I know that I apply my top coat generously, but the base coat is thinner layers.

Please, if you have any insight, leave a comment! I'm desperate! Or leave me recommendations for better base/top coats! Thanks!


  1. There are fantastic products for healing your nails after acrylics...Beauty Judy had great results with Nubar Nu Nails, check it out here:
    You need to use stuff to heal them as you polish, and remove all the oils from your nails before you polish. That helps a lot!

  2. I have the same problem after about 3 days with the Seche top coat......
    my 2 cents...

    @LL - agreed - I also have been using ZOYA+ remover before I apply anything....smells good, and is slightly tacky.

    great blog.


  3. @ Elizabeth Thanks! I will definitely check it out! I cut my nails down quite a bit after this post and it got rid of the remaining damaged nail so we'll see if they start looking better!

    @ yardsticks I'm gonna check out the Zoya+ remover too! Thanks for the info! Glad you like the blog!


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