07 February 2010

I'm a believer!

In my last post, I mentioned that I was unsure of Ruby Pumps because I'm not a "red nails kind of girl."

I was wrong.

In deciding what to paint my nails tonight, I chose Ruby Pumps because it was the least likely to be loved. As the first stroke of the brush hit my thumb nail I changed my tune. I thought it would be a clear polish full of red glitter. Nothing to drool over. I didn't understand the hype.

I understand now. Its more than a clear gloss overflowing with red glitter. In just two coats my nails were as beautiful as Dorothy's famous slippers.

I immediately had to blog.  My nails have yet to see my Seche Vite top coat.  In hindsight, I see I should have waited til my nails were completely dry but they've faired well.

I will never ever underestimate red polish again.



  1. You need to let me know what kind of geek you want added to this. Because I can add video game geek, manga geek, anime geek, biology geek, and probably some other kind of geek. Yeah.


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