23 February 2010

4 is my lucky number....


Just a quick post to say OMG I've doubled my followers!!! haha I now have four! Exciting! Thanks for following, ladies! Also, I have a post coming up with four new polishes!!! Yes, I splurged. But I didn't spend more than $7 dollars in total! Gotta love Walgreens! I'll have that up later this week. Or if I find time tonight, later tonight! I've got a busy night: I'm dyeing my hair and I have a meeting to go to. I will try and squeeze some swatches in for my four faithful followers! Alliteration! yay! haha



  1. Hi Kayla, Well thats great, hope that there will be many more to follow!
    I blogged about your blog today and wish you luck with your blog!

  2. Romika, thank you so much! I checked it out! It made me very happy to know someone liked my blog enough to share it with others! Thanks!


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