08 March 2010

Dupes? Uh, no. & tomorrow's NOTD

Lazy day today. I've sat around watching Alice (SyFy Original Miniseries) on DVD. It's a great modern day twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland. I love the ending...I'm a sucker for a good romantic happy ending. Check it out! They also did The Wizard of Oz a few years back, Tin Man. Another great one to check out! Anywho.......

This gave me time to do my purple comparison. I didn't find any dupes. But they sure are pretty, so here's the results.

Once I lined up the five polishes--two pairs to test for dupes and one thrown in for fun--I knew they weren't dupes. Could have sworn they were twins when they weren't side by side. ;)

1st pair: Sephora by OPI Call Your Mother and Sally Hansen Plum's the Word
Middle: China Glaze Spontaneous randomly thrown in (cause it's pretty)
2nd pair: OPI Done Out in Deco and China Glaze Light as Air
Edit: Ugh terrible lighting. Sorry!

Do I even need to show you the results? Yup.

Same order as previous pic from thumb to pinky.
Two coats on every one but the pinky (which is three) because I needed to get rid of the Matte Magic. All lovely. All unique.

And here they are matte:


Simply divine. A matte purple makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. 

This look I just finished about an hour ago and it was a complete accident. I was trying to make a diagonal line across my nail and my tape moved (grr) so I took my art brush and swished it across my nail with anger. Anger quickly turned to, "Oh hey, that looks pretty cool". Et voila: 
This is Wet n' Wild Nocturnal over Orly Rage. Topped off with Matte Magic.
I was extremely frustrated with my camera. I wanted a super close up shot of this. This was as close as I could get it without it being blurry.  That brings me to the question of the day: What camera do you use to capture your nail art in full detail? 

Another thing that hinders great picture taking?

Yes, I have a hot pink wall in my room. And depending on the time of day, the whole room is tinted pink. 
Doesn't help that my curtains are also pink. That may need to change. 

I need a light box. 

Maybe I'll DIY it. Oh, who am I kidding?

New simple layout. Yay or nay? I'm experimenting with Photoshop again. Layout may change again. Or just the header.

Completely unrelated note:
Remember my Chuck post?  And how I said I would run away with John Casey? Well, next week's preview has him looking like a bad guy. If this turns out true, my heart is broken. Why, Casey? Why????



  1. Those colors are so pretty! I've been drawn to purples lately.
    And I love Alice! I actually bought it on DVD a few days ago. Tin Man was great, too. One of my best friends gave it to me for Christmas last year.

    As far as my camera? I've got a purple Nikon Coolpix..something-or-other. I still need to do some messing around with it to figure out what the best settings are for taking the best nail pictures. I haven't quite gotten it yet.

    And I love the pink wall! It reminds me of my room, which is bright yellow. When it gets to be later in the day, my entire room has this insane warm, orangey-yellow glow about it. I love it.

  2. @Jean Alice and Tin Man have quickly made it into my favorites! Big scifi fan and they didn't disappoint. Glad to hear you love them too!
    It's also nice to hear that I'm not the only one who can't figure out their camera! With time we will master them!

    I love the sound of the warm glow your wall gives your room. Sounds like mine, just a different color. :)

  3. I love the 'accidental' design of your mani! The marble effect is gorgeous. :)

  4. Witoxicity, Thanks! After the first accidental turning out great, I just let some nail polish dry on the brush so it was stiff and then I dipped it in very little polish and brushed it around crazily on the nail!


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