22 March 2010

Getting Motivated

Can we all just forget my last post? I feel like I sounded whiny and pathetic. haha We'll move past it now. It's just a blur...or rather, it will be.

Anyways, I thought about it and what I need to get motivated is more interaction with my followers. Yes, that's right, lovelies I want to get to know you more! I think I need more of a connection and friendship with you guys! I hope you will agree to it! But I'm sure you will. Why? Because we're gonna kick it off with a giveaway!!!

Now, the details of the giveaway are still fuzzy so I won't be posting them quite yet, but get excited! It's not gonna be your average giveaway. In fact, it'll be more of a contest. I'm gonna work out all the details with my friend Abby and get back to you guys. 

Check back later in the week for more details.


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