07 March 2010


Hello Gorgeous!

How are you doing? Fabulous! Faithful reader, I have no pictures for you today. It was a busy day. I had my kick off party for becoming a Mary Kay consultant. Yep, I'm selling Mary Kay. If you haven't tried their products before, definitely check them out. It will surprise you. Small factoid: Mary Kay has been number one in skincare and cosmetics for the last 15 years!

I did paint my nails today, using the lovely Light as Air from China Glaze. I did a sloppy job and therefore took no pictures. I have discovered that my favorite nail polishes to wear are purples. Whether the color is soft or vibrant, matte or shimmer, blurple or muddy in color, I can't get enough purple! My faves? Done Out in Deco from OPI and Call Your Mother from Sephora by OPI. Fine, I'll give you a pic of the bottles. Only because I know I'd be dying to see them if the role was reversed...

A gorgeous muddy purple and a soft lilac. Can't go wrong with these. 
Thinking about my purple collections, I've realized I may have some dupes for these two. Keep an eye out for some purple comparisons.



  1. Congrats on becoming an MK rep, I truly honestly hope your leader is better than mine was. :) I really love their stuffs. Best sunscreen on the planet and the absolute, hands-down best body lotion ever.
    They used to make nail polish, I was sad to learn they don't anymore. Looking forward to hearing more about your new career.

  2. Elizabeth, my leader is amazing. Her enthusiasm and success stories really inspired me and made me realize that this was something I should do. I hate that they don't make nail polish anymore!! Makes me sad. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  3. Gorgeous!! I adore purple polish, especially this time of year!

  4. Purple nail polishes have a certain charm. It's such a popular colour amongst ladies....I'm no exception! :)

  5. I have noticed that everyone has been raving about purples! And my Lucky magazine says lilac and lavendars are the 'it' color. haha


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