30 March 2010

What is that?!

Well hello, gorgeous!

Sorry, that was a "Funny Girl" moment. Great movie, if you love musicals. Check it out.

I've spent the last hour or so doing my nails, only to have it not turn out. Eh, you can be the judge.

It was supposed to be some funky leopard spots. It looks like blobs of color randomly placed on my nails. I've decided that it's terrible because I used my dotting tool instead of a toothpick to make the spots. Last time I achieved fantastic leopard print nails using a toothpick, so in the future it will be my tool of choice.

If you were wondering here's the lineup for the look:
Orly Ridgefiller, Color Club Wild Child, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, Color Club Ultraviolet, and Poshe Top Coat.

Look at the beautiful flash in Ultraviolet. You have to own that polish. It's beyond gorgeous!

Before I end this post I want to say Welcome & Thank You to my new followers! Also, I've started to receive entries for my contest! EXCITING! I like what I'm seeing! Keep them coming!

Oh, I have to show you something that I find hilarious. I was cleaning today because my desk was extremely cluttered! And decided to put everything nail related that was on my desk into one box. It was quite a bit of stuff. Here's my desk without anything on it:
Not much space, but somehow I managed to have all of this on it:
That's about 45 nail polishes, two bottles of remover, two fake nail sets, two packs of q-tips, four nail art tools/brushes, cuticle cream, thinner, silicone cupcake cups (used for mixing pigment and clear polish), and various nail files. Oh, and two nail polish wheels. Ridiculous. 

I don't know how it fit, considering there were about 5 water bottles on there too.I leave a lot of water bottles sitting around. If there's an alien invasion, I'll be prepared. Signs reference! I never understood that part of the movie. If the aliens were hurt by water, why would they come to a planet that is 75% water? Wouldn't the humidity hurt them as well? Ugh. Movies that don't make sense are irritating. 

Well I have to finish folding laundry and then get to bed! Good Night, or Good Morning! Depends on when you read this! :P


  1. Oh, give yourself some credit! I think it looks great! That's a very funky leopard there. :D Oh gosh, you're right about Ultraviolet. It's super super gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks! I will wear it with pride!


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