25 March 2010

Just some info..

Hey! Hope everyone's doing great! I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know what's coming up!

1. I've got some swatches to show you! Just need to edit pics!

2. Contest info should be up before the weekend! That is, if Abby ever emails me back (she's proofreading)! Everyone comment on how slow she is! ;) Just kidding?

3. I'm gonna review the top coat I've been trying and compare it to Seche Vite.

4. Another review, but for a lip gloss!

5. Flood update: Water is coming back up!!! Much faster this time, though it seems to be slowing down today. Hasn't reached our yard yet but it is expected to rise 2 ft higher than last week. Definitely will hit us if that's the case!

Sorry the posts have been sparse! I've been getting things organized! I set up a new email for the blog, jsut to have blog emails separate from everything else. It's glamgeekchic@gmail.com. Send me a random email sometime! Random is good! :) I'm trying to come up with more ways than just contests/giveaways to get you guys more involved! Brainstorming FTW!

Have an amazing day!!!


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