29 March 2010

Wet Cement & Camera Replacement in Sight

Gray nail polish. A year ago I would have said Eww! Never in my wildest dreams would I think it would look good on nails.

Suddenly, I've been hit with an insane obsession with it. So gorgeous! Especially the Nubar Fortress collection! I would die for that collection. Gray overload, but in a good way!

Of course, when I was taking a look through the polish at Walgreen's, trying to avoid this really creepy guy who was causing trouble in the store (tried to steal mouthwash of all things, and then argued continuously with the manager before he was sent on his way, well he more like grunted angrily), I stumbled upon Sally Hansen Wet Cement.

Almost fainted in the store. There it was, a gray nail polish, waiting for me to buy it. I'm not sure if I've grabbed a nail polish faster. And, to end the story quickly: I am the proud new owner of a gray polish! :)

Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

Indoors--No flash

I think this is truest to color IRL. (Indoors--Flash)

I had one problem with this polish.  It smells awful.  Like 10 sharpies mixed with lead paint in a poorly ventilated room. I almost died. 

But since it applied well and looked tres chic, I overcame the smell and rocked my gray nails for at least 2 days. I must add more grays to my collection!

For the past two days I've worked in the Electronics department at work. We've started to get the newest models of cameras in so what did we do when we weren't answering questions? Played with the new toys! Well, most of them didn't have the cable hook ups and weren't working but we still looked them over. And I found several new loves of my life. There's a new Sony that's screaming my name. It's red though. I don't care much for red. Overrated. 

And yet, I know I will most likely own this camera. Once we get the cable to hook it up, I am going to test it's ability to take nail pictures. (Haha. I just had a mental image of me taking pictures of my nails as people are trying to ask me questions.) Hilarious. If it takes nice pictures, like I know it will, I'm saving up and it's gonna be mine. 

I totally just found more color options online! Score! I love the internet.

Okay ladies, I have some questions:

1. What do you think of the gray nail polish look? 

2. What color nail polish are you just absolutely obsessed with?

3. What kind of camera do you use to take your nail pictures?

Alright time for bed! Thanks for reading! You're amazing! 

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  1. 1. Love grey, Zoya Harley is prob. my fave, it's got that secret shimmer that lifts it from being concrete
    2. Hmmm, most of them, prob taupe or green most
    3. Fuji FJ31fd


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