21 March 2010


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was okay. I worked all weekend and that's about it!  Spring Break is officially over and I'm sad. Back to school tomorrow, oh joy!

Flood Update: The water slowly rose and ended up flooding the field across the street but our property stayed dry, er, not dry but free of river water. While I was at work today the water receded, but now there might be a second crest because of some ice jams melting/breaking up.  Not sure what to expect!

 So I am at a point where I've lost motivation. I just never know what to post. It's not lack of content...I mean I could swatch tons of polish. But is that all you want? When I started this blog I intended to post about different things and it quickly became just nail polish. Not that I mind it, but I wonder if that's what you all really want. So, tell me what you would like to see! Would you rather I stick to the polish or do you want me to branch out? Tell me what kind of stuff interests you!

We may be strangers, but you mean the world to me and I value your opinion! I want you all to have smiles on your faces after reading my blog!

Because everyone loves multiple choice:
B) Nail polish and random stuff I find interesting
C) Whatever, I'll read it!
D) Shut up, Kayla! You're fabulous! (hehe ego boost?)
E) Puppies! Everyone loves puppies!

P.s. I've been trying out Poshe super-fast drying top coat for the past week or so. Love it! Much better than Seche Vite in my opinion.  Oh, and Rimmel polishes are 50% off at Walgreens!


  1. Life is about change...so go with the flow, change your blog to be something you're passionate about all over again. Those who like the change will stick, those who don't will leave and new followers will come. It's YOUR blog, you should enjoy putting it together. That's what draws people in anyway.

  2. Um, I was thinking rainbows. GIVE ME MOAR RAINBOWS. Or I will eat the heads off of moar zebras. Chomp.

    But seriously, I love everything. And you know I'll always read it. Yep.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for your good advice!

    And Abby, stop harming the zebras!


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