04 March 2010


Bonjour Ladies!

I've been lazy. Real lazy. This post should have been up at least 3 days ago. I just never felt like editing the photos. Blah. But it's here now! Yay!

I grabbed a couple polishes that were on sale at Sally's yesterday: Orly's Gumdrop and Rage and China Glaze Light as Air. I don't have swatches yet. I'm wearing Rage but it was a terrible manicure application so I won't post pictures. Rest assured I will be posting pics at some point in time.

I want to say thanks for all the great top coat suggestions! I've got some thinking to do. Seche Vite's looking pretty low right now....

I do have a NOTD to show you. It's Sinful's Let's Talk with Matte Magic over it. It became very blurple (blue purple) with the matte top coat. Still loved it, rocked it for a good 4-5 days, mostly because of laziness.
First up is a blurry pic to show you what I thought it was gonna look like. Unfortunately it only looked this way in certain lighting.

Now what it mostly looked like:

Still gorgeous, just not what I was going for. I found that under fluorescent lighting and low lighting it looked this way.
And here's a photoshop comparison:

Index and middle: What I wanted it to look like
Thumb, ring, and pinky: What it actually looked like

Definitely way too blue. Sigh. 

Oh well, I still got great compliments on the color, so I'm not too sad. 

I've got a migraine so I'm going to say Au Revoir!



  1. I'm disappointed in you.

    I was avidly checking for an update for DAYS. Bah! Stop having a life! It's bothersome!

  2. Abby, who said anything about having a life? haha


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