13 May 2010

Breathing Room and Blankets

Good evening/morning/afternoon/whenever you're reading this :)

I'm in a spectacular mood today! I finished my last final of the semester and I feel like I can just relax and unwind! It feels like I can breathe, like I held my breath the whole semester! Now it's three months of relaxing...well when I'm not at work that is!

In case you're wondering, I did really well on the final! Yay! I needed to do well, my grade depended on it! I kind of slacked off in that class...whoops! But I definitely made up for it! Just checked my grade and it is fabulous! :) So happy!!!

I have a NOTD for you! It's a french manicure but with untraditional colors. I started with just ChG For Audrey on my nails but I felt like it needed something more.


I could not figure out what to add to it. Then I got a little chilly, so I grabbed my blanket, which has a blue in it that matches For Audrey! It's a blue and brown fleece blanket with a damask pattern on it. Beautiful pattern, gorgeous color combo! That settled it, I had to add some brown! I decided to keep it simple and test out my new Seche French Guides.

My Seche French Guides hanging out with ChG For Audrey and Pro10 #53-Incognito(won in giveaway from Brooke!).

The color combo looked just as great on my nails! Love it! 

The blanket has definitely faded over the years but it once was a bright and beautiful as my NOTD.

Hope you liked it! 

I'm hoping to receive a package this weekend that will include some new nail polishes to swatch and review! Keep an eye out for that within the next week or so!



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