09 May 2010

Healthy Computer!

Hello Lovelies!

My computer is virus-free! Yay!! It has been for a couple days but I haven't been able to sit down at it much since then. I'm finally caught up in the blog world and I've got some time to post!

I've recently decided that I'm going to start an excel spreadsheet of my polishes and then also get some nail wheels and organize by color to help me pick out which polish to wear! It feels good to organize! Hopefully I can keep everything organized, I tend to get lazy or forget about it. Once I get all my stuff organized I'll share it with you, though it may be slightly boring. Haha.

I've packaged up the winners' prizes and will get them shipped out on Monday! All I have to say is: Have fun with all the bubble wrap I used! I went bubble wrap crazy! :P I also packaged up the polish I'm sending for the Zoya exchange...they may hate me for all the bubble wrap I send them! haha

Anyone else doing the Zoya exchange? Which polishes did you select? I have about 26 I really really really want. I think I might narrow it down. Seems a bit...excessive?  I'm really excited to send it in though! I don't own any Zoya polish! And I somehow gapped last year and forgot to do it! Lame!

Random story time! It's not a happy story, so don't read it if you don't like sad stories!

On Friday morning, I was sitting at my computer desk checking some email and had my back to my window. All of a sudden I hear a huge THUD!!! on my window. Now, my first reaction was, "Who the hell is throwing stuff at my window?!?!" I get up to look outside and realize it was a bird that hit my window. Poor thing hit the window so hard that he left some feathers stuck to the window. Unfortunately, he did not survive the impact. I stood there for a good 10-20 minutes hoping he would suddenly pop up and fly away.  He didn't. I felt terrible, he was a beautiful bird. I'm not sure what kind but he had gorgeous yellow markings.

This morning, I heard another thud. Do you know how fast I jumped out of bed to make sure it wasn't another bird? My heart was racing.

It was just my dad getting something down from the wall in the garage. Thank goodness.

Alright, tomorrow: HIDDEN TREASURE POST!!!



  1. yay!! im glad that ur pc is healthy now..happy mothers day to ur mom!!

  2. poor bird. But it was nothing you could have done. These things just happen. =(

    can I ask you a huge favor??

    Do you think you could lighten your background a bit? I seem to be suffering from poor eyesight(prob due to late night studying) and I have been having some difficulty reading your blog...but I was somewhat embarrassed to ask you about it..but I really want to read your blog but it's a struggle. I have my screen as bright as possible but it still is really hard to read the green words on grey background

  3. Virusses are a b*%$# , i think we've all been there once! And ow what a sad story about the poor birdie.. Nice blog, you got a new follower :)

  4. @ ThRiSzHa Thanks! So sweet of you to wish her Happy Mothers' Day! :)

    @ shortnails I'm glad you said something! I changed the font to black, hopefully you can read that better. It was easier than changing the background in photoshop. Let me know if it's better or not! I'll fix the background if it isn't!

    @ Iris Thanks for following! And yes they are a b....! Thankfully my dad's a pro at removing them!

  5. I don't get why people would actually WANT to send a virus to anyone! I mean think about it; what benefit does it give someone to send a virus into someone's computer!? It's pointless! Another good way to protect yourself is to create the guest account on your pc. 90% of any shit won't get installed because the account is limited to installations and such.


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