05 May 2010

Voting Ends and Computer Viruses

Hey lovelies!

Well, I hope everyone who wanted to vote for the contest did so because I took down the poll today. I will announce the winners later on today or early tomorrow.  Only half of you voted! I guess some didn't care? Oh well.

Now the bad news, well it starts with good news: I recovered the pictures.

But, my computer has a virus. And so I cannot post them. I'm using my dad's computer right now. And he doesn't want his swamped with photos, I'm sure. Plus the pics are saved on my computer.  Ugh. I was up til 3am trying to fix it and finally gave up. I will have to work on it some more later. I'm not walking away from this fight a loser, I will kick the virus' butt! haha

Sorry about the delay in photos, makes me so mad to keep you guys waiting like this.  You are so sweet and understanding!

Much love,


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  1. Sorry to hear you're battling a pc virus. :( Looking forward to finding out who won!


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