21 May 2010

New e.l.f Nail Polishes Part 4

Alright, this color will definitely be used in a comparison post!

Smoky Brown is seems to be a lot like OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. I'll definitely do some comparison swatches and get back to you.  It's a gorgeous brown that looks like milk chocolate on the nails. I seriously think I have dipped my hands in chocolate when wearing colors like this! ;)  Smoky Brown is the perfect professional color but also can be fun to wear! Being so similar to YDKJ is great because if it's a dead on dupe, well it costs a fraction of the price of YDKJ! 

Inside, with flash

Inside, no flash

Outside, sunlight
*Covered my thumb because it had lots of bubbles! First times it's happened. I'm pretty sure it was because of two things: my room was extremely humid and the sun was setting and I needed outdoor pics! Super fast nail painting happened that day! 

Another pic with lilacs..they smell so good!!

Smoky Brown was the only one of the set that gave me application problems, namely bubbles. I applied it quickly and in my room where it was super hot. Even so, none of the other ones bubbled. The formula was the same, kinda thin but not so watery you can't use it. The only difference was that it was opaque in two coats versus three or four. Pictures above are three coats.  I really love the color! Definitely recommend it, simply gorgeous! I will check back in with a comparison soon!

I've saved the color I think most of you will like for last! I'll post Mint Cream tomorrow night! 


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