21 January 2010

Irony and Electron Microscopes

Today, I found it ironic that I went to my virology (the study of viruses, just in case you didn't know) class with a cold. Completely miserable the whole time, I think my professor thought I had a kleenex permanently stuck to my nose.

I both love and hate thursdays. I love that I have an extra hour between class and lab, but I hate that I have lab until 6pm.
However, today I love Thursday a lot more, because the geek in me is extremely excited to go see the electron microscope on campus. We're getting a tour for one of my labs today! I've never seen one in real life so yeah I'm super pumped. Maybe we'll look at my cold virus....but probably not. I don't want to see it. I just want it gone.

Talk to you later,

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