18 January 2010

Geeking out Glam style!

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog!
It's probably going to be an extremely random blog about whatever item/trend/thingamajig has my attention that day.  Starting out with nail polish! I celebrated the end of Fall semester by buying about 10 nail polishes from Head2Toe and TransDesign. I had never tried matte polish before then and so I purchased two OPI mattes: Russian Navy and You Don't Know Jacques. I was amazed. Never had I seen a nail polish dry so fast! And the colors were amazing! There was one draw back: sloppy application. I can never get a nice even coat because of the drying. I think I may just need to get used to it.
   Luckily, in that same purchase I got China Glaze's Matte Magic! I was excited to transform my favorite colors to their matte versions! And, no problems with application! Success!
So tonight, I took an amazing green polish from China Glaze called Entourage and covered it in Matte Magic. I also added a little detail on a couple nails with China Glaze's Caribbean Blue.
So here's the line-up: ORLY's Ridgefiller, CG Entourage, CG Caribbean Blue, and CG Matte Magic.
And here's the end result (ignore the forgotten clean-up around the nails):

The above is without flash. I left the Caribbean blue as is (no matte magic).  And with flash:

There! You can see the shine of the Caribbean Blue.

     So, what do you think? Not much of a winter look but then again I'm not much of a winter gal! Dreaming of spring already!


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