17 October 2010

Worst Week Ever

Wow. This week has not been fun. Right now my grandma is in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery repairing a complication from a surgery she had just this summer. I've spent every available minute in her hospital room, keeping her company.

*Edit* Oh great, my mom just informed me that my grandma will be having a second emergency surgery. Most likely tomorrow.

On Tuesday, my dad was in the ER from a fall/dehydration. Scariest night of my life. My mom and I thought he was having a stroke. I've never had to call 911 before and I hope I will never have to again. He's "perfect" in the words of the doctor. And we all wish he would have used different wording because my dad brings it up any chance he can!

There's been more drama and chaos but I won't go into any more details. Just wanted to let you know what's been going on and why there hasn't been a post. Hopefully soon I will get more time to make a better post, something with nail polish in it. I'll talk to you all soon.

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