03 October 2010


Hey GGs! That's short for glam geeks, FYI. ;)

Just a quick post today. I've been wanting to catch up on following everyone's blogs but haven't had the time lately. So, if you have a blog that you would like me to follow, drop a link in the comments and I'll head on over and hit that shiny button labeled follow.

I'm also looking for more interaction on Twitter (I've had it for ages and still haven't gotten completely into it, so I need your help) Just DM me or tweet @glamgeekchic, so I can follow you and keep up with everyone. Or try to keep up. :P

Do a lot of you have Facebook pages for your blogs? I've seen that lately, and though I don't think my blog has quite the popularity needed for one yet, I would love to check some out!

Yay, social networking! I think it may be taking over my life.

P.S. I'll be posting a giveaway soon, yes another one. No nail polish this time though, but still great! And I have some new polishes to show off/review! Exciting!!


  1. I need some god social networking as well! I do not think you follow my blog.. however if you do already I apologize, there were so many new followers for my recent giveaway I lost track of everyone! My blog is at www.polishology.blogspot.com. And I am a fellow science nerd (as well as some computer nerd tendencies, although I mostly leave that up to my husband).

    I am also on twitter, under the name polishology. There is a twitter link on my blog as well.

    Good luck with the networking! :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! I look forward to reading your blog and tweeting with you! :)

  3. follow us!

    (your old friend Kay WOOT!)

  4. Kay! I didn't know you knew about my blog! I'm totally going to follow your blog! :)

  5. Hi! If you like my blog at http://legallypolished.blogspot.com, do follow me!

  6. If you like what ya see follow me ;)



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