22 October 2010

Weekend Away with My Bestie

Hello Lovelies!
A quick update for you:  my grandma is getting out of the hospital within the next two days! We are all excited and relieved! It's been a loooong two weeks!

Today I am headed to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area with Abby, my best friend. We will most likely partake in some shopping and I may return with some goodies to share with you all! I promise to do a haul post right away. I've decided to get motivated and get posting more frequently! Yay!

I promised a new giveaway and that will be posted early next week (think Tuesday-ish). Thanks for sticking around while I sort out my life! I love you guys, even if we've only exchanged pictures of manicures on various blogs! haha that sounded a lot less strange in my head.

Random side note: I found an old Cover Girl crackle polish at my local Dollar Tree. Unfortunately, it was all dried up. I thought I would get it and try to revive it. Thinner seems to be doing little, if anything, to it. Anyone have any suggestions, this is the first time I've attempted it and I'm not 100% sure how to do it.

Stay Glamorous

Or Geeky...whichever you prefer! ;)



  1. Glad to hear that your grandma is doing better!! Have fun with your bestie this weekend.

  2. I'm glad your gran is on the mend!

    Re: crackle polish, most of them are made out of a vinyl base - once the vinyl has set and the polish has dried out, it's basically impossible to revive it :(

  3. Thanks Megan, she's doing great! Back at home!

    Thanks swatchgirl! I didn't know that but it explains why it failed! That's good info!


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