26 April 2010


Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was okay.

I've got an update for you! I've recently gone through all the entries for the contest and decided that I'm gonna post them all for you to vote on! Yay! It would have been ridiculous not to. :) Before I let you start voting, I think I need to lay some ground rules.
     1. Please only vote once.
     2. To make it fair, only followers are allowed to vote.
     3. You have a week to get in your vote!

That's my rules. And so I should only see 54 votes in the poll. I know it seems strict but I've watched some blog contests go wrong because of voting difficulties. Thank you in advance for abiding by the rules! You're so sweet! :)

Okay, here are the entries for you to vote on! Keep in mind it was about inspiration from the original photo, so I've posted the inspiration along with the entry! Good luck to everyone!!!

Wilma's Entry:
"The picture inspired me to try out photo editing again and awaken my sleeping creative side. I started learning photo enhancements & digiscraps last year but lost my interest after a few trials. I chose an inspirational quote - "Beauty without Expression Tires" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It would inspire everyone to never give up Art and Beauty."

Karin's Entry
"Your picture reminds me of a falling star.
So that was my inspriration for my mani."

Gemma's Entry
"My inspiration were the darks at the base of the picture for my nails, and the brights for my eyes...I wanted to create the bright theme dispite the darkness overall!"

Mae's Entry
"I named my mani "oneirology" meaning scientific study of dreams, when I saw the picture which is to be interpreted, lots of ideas came into mind... The model picture show lots of colorful lights... Those images sometimes only appears in our dreams... When you look at them, they seem like an abstract picture which shows only the silhouette image similar to dreams. Sometimes, dreams are not fully clear... in my design, i drew a sleeping lady with lots of colors, lines, and rhinestones which symbolizes thoughts, images, sounds, and emotions which we experience when we are sleeping. And the ring finger's swirl design means the content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, which up to now hasn't been fully explained by dream experts."

Thriszha's Entry
"I was inspired by the blur effects of the light and the colorful colors of the light."

Lena's Entry:
"I saw the photo that you gave us as inspiration and it immediately said to me, "Big City" so I've expanded on that theme by using newspaper cuttings of words that I believe sum up what a city (London, I suppose, since that's the city I know best) is about, or at least the glamorous side of it :P So I've used words such as "fashion", "champagne", "clubs" "luxury" etc."

Li Lian's Entry
"The picture you provided represents to me a long road that one must walk by themselves, alone.  But not to worry, because all around is glitters of hope and twinkling lights telling us that we are not alone.  Sometimes when we think we are alone and we can’t carry on, we need to remember that there are always people around us helping us along the way...I wanted the glitter to be thicker than the black lines to show that “keep calm, carry on” we’ll make it."

Okay, there are your choices! Choose wisely, you have only one vote! Please use the poll in the side bar for voting! Thanks! I've also linked all the blogs of the ladies, so please go check them out! 

Good luck ladies!!!

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  1. All of these are so excellent and imaginative! Good job ALL of you ladies!


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