03 May 2011

Huemorista Nail Lacquers

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to tell you of a great way to win some nail polish!

If you haven't heard of Huemorista Nail Lacquers, it's this wonderful Esty shop run by Jayna. She makes her own lacquers and sells them in 3 piece sets.

Her collections are amazing! Her most recent one features jellies!!

How can you win some of her lacquers? Just go to her facebook page for Huemorista and hit the like button! At 200 likes she will randomly select a winner! Only 7 more likes to go!

Check out her lacquers and like her page!


12 April 2011

Random NOTD

Hey! Just giving you a quick NOTD shot. It was taken while standing knee deep in river water. We're flooded again this year and I was taking pics of the water when I decided to grab a picture of my nails!

It's Revlon's Powder Puff with Wet n Wild's Party of Five Glitters on top. 

I needed something fun to cheer everyone up in this flood. Hope you enjoyed this quick post. I'm going to try and get the next drawer in my collection up later today!

05 April 2011

My Collection Part 1 (Lots of pics!)

Hey everyone! I know this is late, and I'm sorry. I'm not going to give excuses, I'm just jumping right into it. This is the first part of my five part series on my collection! Each part will be a drawer in my helmer. This excludes my top drawer which is accessories and such. It is extremely unorganized at the moment. Maybe by the end of the series it will be organized and ready for it's blog debut. My collection contains 277 nail polishes! Which is about 100 more than I thought I had! This is not including stripe art polishes. This collection has only been growing for about a year now and I am amazed at how many I have! Wow!

We will start with drawer 2 which contains OPI, Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI and Essie. Let's start with a drawer picture:
Oops, my Nic Stick rolled out of the shot! 

OPI definitely hogs the drawer with 36 full sized bottles and 7 minis! Let's check out swatches for each one! I have two nail wheels completely filled up. All swatches are 3 coats unless stated otherwise. Here's a full look at OPI Wheel 1:

ooooh ahhh

And now close ups:

1. Hoodoo Voodoo?!
2. Mod About You
3. Banana Bandana
4. You Don't Know Jacques! (Matte, top coat on top half)
5. Russian Navy (Matte, top coat on top half)

6. Suzi Says Feng Shui
7. Jade is the New Black
8. Damone Roberts 1968
9. Parlez-vous OPI?
10. Done Out In Deco

11. Bronzed to Perfection
12. Clubbing 'til Sunrise
13. Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
14. Eiffel for This Color

15. Smok'n in Havana
16. Kinky in Helsinki
17. Cheyenne Pepper
18. Cuckoo for this Color

Full view of OPI Wheel 2
So pretty!!

19. DS Illuminate
20. DS Extravagance
21. DS Mystery
22. My Private Jet (scattered holo)
23. My Private Jet (teal flash)

24. Glitzerland
25. Black Shatter (over Nicole by OPI Shell me the Truth)
26. Sahara Sapphire
27. The Color to Watch (4 coats)
28. DS Classic

29. Extra-va-ganza
30. Mad As A Hatter
31. Absolutely Alice
32. Glow Up Already
33. Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

34. Last Friday Night (4 coats?)
35. Teenage Dream
36. Bring on the Bling

OPI Minis:

1. Holiday Glow
2. Shim-merry Chic
3. Comet Loves Cupid
4. Rumple's Wiggin'
5. What's With the Cattitude?
6. Ogre the Top
7. Fiercely Fiona

That is my OPI collection. Small but absolutely wonderful! :) 

Next up: Nicole by OPI

1. No Limits (Matte/top coat on top half)
2. Respect the World (Matte/top coat on top half)
3. Wink of Twink (holo top coat, 4 coats)

4. Shell Me the Truth
5. Form One Line (Nic's Stick)

Next up: $OPI

1. Under My Trench Coat
2. Call Your Mother
3. 212-Sephora
4. Dating the Drummer

Finally, Essie:

1.Imported Champagne
2. Demure Vixen 
3. Mint Candy Apple
4. Lapis of Luxury
5. Playa Del Platinum

6. Splash of Grenadine
7. Turquoise & Caicos

Well, that's drawer 2! Do I have any of your favorites in this drawer? It's home to quite a few of mine! 

Stay tuned for Drawer 3!!!

17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And some info!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I hope you are showing off your favorite green polish today!! My 'going naked' plan didn't work out. It lasted 2 weeks but then the temptation grew as I rearranged my collection and I caved. My nails are looking okay. I think if I repaint them every day they should be fine and free of chips that cause more damage. Since I caved I have a green NOTD to show you!!

I love Ireland and anything related. I took a class a few years ago that ended with a trip to Ireland. It was amazing. Breathtaking. I may move there one day. I couldn't let today go by without showing my Ireland love! So here's my green NOTD, I threw in some orange as well (Ireland's flag is green, white and orange).  I hope you enjoy!
Indoors, no flash

Indoors, flash

The sun is hiding today, so no natural light. Ugh, so annoying! :)

For this NOTD, I used Essence Show Your Feet in #10 In the Jungle as a base. Then I randomly taped off different ares on each nail (except my middle) and applied two coats of Sinful Call You Later. This glitter polish is gorgeous. It has at least 2-3 different green glitters in it, as well as a gold glitter. It's the perfect St. Patrick's Day glitter! For the orange detailing I used Milani Nail Art in Orange Graph. 

Earlier this week I posted a 'sneak peek' with some pictures of a bunch of nail wheels. Those nail wheels are painted with every polish of my collection. Starting this week (either Friday or Saturday) I will do a weekly post of part of my collection until we reach the end. I'll show you the inside of my helmer and the nail wheel swatches. I think I'm going to break it up according to drawer or brand. Haven't completely decided yet. I'm excited to show you! I discovered that I have a lot more nail polish than I thought I did!! Craziness! :)

Check back soon for the start of my collection! Meanwhile, go drink some green beer!


13 March 2011

Sneak Peek

Just wanted to give you a hint of what I'm posting later this week...

21 February 2011

Going naked for awhile.

Hey everyone!

Lately I've been breaking my nails so much that the ends are peeling slightly. Anyone who has experienced this knows that peeling can take a little while to go away. And nail polish doesn't always help protect the nail especially if it chips. My job requires me to use my hands a lot and handle things like heavy shelves. This makes my nail polish chip so easily that it's been hard to keep them from peeling and breaking. It's added onto the damage.

I've decided to go with naked nails for a while. They have been filed down and I've applied only Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition. I wanted to put a treatment on that you massage in, instead of something that goes on like a clear topcoat which can chip and peel off. It would just add to the damage. And I am using cuticle oil as well! A healthy cuticle makes a healthy nail! :)

For my upcoming posts, I wanted to know what you would like to see. I have a feeling I know the answer but   I will go ahead and poll you anyways. I'll just list some options and you can go ahead and comment on what you would like to see.

1. I have a stock pile of old swatches that for whatever reason never made it on to the blog. I can start posting them along with some new ones I did last week.

2. Makeup! Swatches, LOTD, etc. Just makeup! Switch to makeup while my nails get back to beautiful.

3. Fashion. LOTD, etc. I like clothes, and I could probably ramble on about it for you. :)

4. Geek out! Talk to us about the geeky things in your life! It is in my blog name....

5. Switch it up! Swatches, makeup, geek, etc. just do it all!

I was going to come up with some more random funny options like lion taming videos or something but I'm so tired today that I couldn't! Lame! I failed on the funny. Let me know what you think or I'm just going to torture you with cute videos from YouTube or something.

Thanks guys! I always value your opinion! You make my world go round *Aww, cheesy moment*


05 February 2011

Essie in Target March 6th!

I know quite a few bloggers have discovered Essie in their local Wal-Marts recently. I haven't. :(  I also know that a lot of people don't like shopping at Wal-Mart. There's good news: Target is launching their Essie displays in store starting March 6th.

Target has newsletters for employees that roll out every month and give updates on new items coming to the stores. I randomly chose to browse it on my break (yes, I work at Target), and discovered this lovely bit of news. I've been dying to see the new Essie bottles and displays! Now, it will be coming right to me! Exciting! And I don't have to venture into the dreaded Wal-Mart. :)

As of right now, Target has the old Essie core line that they've always carried. You know, the generic reds, mauves, pinks and nudes, but no fun colors. So this is exciting to me, I love the idea of having more to chose from and I'll be able to pick some colors I haven't been able to find in any salons in town (Sew Psyched!).

Anyone else super pumped for this?