05 February 2011

Essie in Target March 6th!

I know quite a few bloggers have discovered Essie in their local Wal-Marts recently. I haven't. :(  I also know that a lot of people don't like shopping at Wal-Mart. There's good news: Target is launching their Essie displays in store starting March 6th.

Target has newsletters for employees that roll out every month and give updates on new items coming to the stores. I randomly chose to browse it on my break (yes, I work at Target), and discovered this lovely bit of news. I've been dying to see the new Essie bottles and displays! Now, it will be coming right to me! Exciting! And I don't have to venture into the dreaded Wal-Mart. :)

As of right now, Target has the old Essie core line that they've always carried. You know, the generic reds, mauves, pinks and nudes, but no fun colors. So this is exciting to me, I love the idea of having more to chose from and I'll be able to pick some colors I haven't been able to find in any salons in town (Sew Psyched!).

Anyone else super pumped for this?

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