17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And some info!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I hope you are showing off your favorite green polish today!! My 'going naked' plan didn't work out. It lasted 2 weeks but then the temptation grew as I rearranged my collection and I caved. My nails are looking okay. I think if I repaint them every day they should be fine and free of chips that cause more damage. Since I caved I have a green NOTD to show you!!

I love Ireland and anything related. I took a class a few years ago that ended with a trip to Ireland. It was amazing. Breathtaking. I may move there one day. I couldn't let today go by without showing my Ireland love! So here's my green NOTD, I threw in some orange as well (Ireland's flag is green, white and orange).  I hope you enjoy!
Indoors, no flash

Indoors, flash

The sun is hiding today, so no natural light. Ugh, so annoying! :)

For this NOTD, I used Essence Show Your Feet in #10 In the Jungle as a base. Then I randomly taped off different ares on each nail (except my middle) and applied two coats of Sinful Call You Later. This glitter polish is gorgeous. It has at least 2-3 different green glitters in it, as well as a gold glitter. It's the perfect St. Patrick's Day glitter! For the orange detailing I used Milani Nail Art in Orange Graph. 

Earlier this week I posted a 'sneak peek' with some pictures of a bunch of nail wheels. Those nail wheels are painted with every polish of my collection. Starting this week (either Friday or Saturday) I will do a weekly post of part of my collection until we reach the end. I'll show you the inside of my helmer and the nail wheel swatches. I think I'm going to break it up according to drawer or brand. Haven't completely decided yet. I'm excited to show you! I discovered that I have a lot more nail polish than I thought I did!! Craziness! :)

Check back soon for the start of my collection! Meanwhile, go drink some green beer!



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