21 February 2011

Going naked for awhile.

Hey everyone!

Lately I've been breaking my nails so much that the ends are peeling slightly. Anyone who has experienced this knows that peeling can take a little while to go away. And nail polish doesn't always help protect the nail especially if it chips. My job requires me to use my hands a lot and handle things like heavy shelves. This makes my nail polish chip so easily that it's been hard to keep them from peeling and breaking. It's added onto the damage.

I've decided to go with naked nails for a while. They have been filed down and I've applied only Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition. I wanted to put a treatment on that you massage in, instead of something that goes on like a clear topcoat which can chip and peel off. It would just add to the damage. And I am using cuticle oil as well! A healthy cuticle makes a healthy nail! :)

For my upcoming posts, I wanted to know what you would like to see. I have a feeling I know the answer but   I will go ahead and poll you anyways. I'll just list some options and you can go ahead and comment on what you would like to see.

1. I have a stock pile of old swatches that for whatever reason never made it on to the blog. I can start posting them along with some new ones I did last week.

2. Makeup! Swatches, LOTD, etc. Just makeup! Switch to makeup while my nails get back to beautiful.

3. Fashion. LOTD, etc. I like clothes, and I could probably ramble on about it for you. :)

4. Geek out! Talk to us about the geeky things in your life! It is in my blog name....

5. Switch it up! Swatches, makeup, geek, etc. just do it all!

I was going to come up with some more random funny options like lion taming videos or something but I'm so tired today that I couldn't! Lame! I failed on the funny. Let me know what you think or I'm just going to torture you with cute videos from YouTube or something.

Thanks guys! I always value your opinion! You make my world go round *Aww, cheesy moment*



  1. Good luck growing your nails back! That can be kind of frustrating.

    As far as what I would like to see... since I am not much into makeup and my daily wardrobe is jeans and t-shirt +/- hoodie (ah the outfit of the slave... I mean grad student) I would love to see polish swatches as well as geekiness... I am big into the geekiness, haha. But I know there are plenty of people out there that would love the makeup and fashion as well. So mix it up a bit! :)

    Maybe through in a lion taming video for god measure. ;)

  2. Thanks for the input Jenny! I might actually have to find something on lion taming now! :)

  3. Okay wow.. maybe "throw" and "good" rather than through god. This is what happens when I try to toss in a witty/funny comments at the very end right before I click "post." Yeesh. Wit fail.

    I will look forward to the video, haha! :)

  4. Luckily, I'm someone who also experiences wit fail. So I knew what you meant and it didn't even phase me that it was wrong. Well, I noticed god instead of good, but I just thought you wanted a really good lion taming video. Worthy-of-worship good! :)


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