03 February 2011

First sun I've seen in months...

And my camera dies. Seriously? And I was even wearing a holo nail polish. It was just asking for its picture to be taken while it sparkled in the sunshine. China Glaze Techno Teal is gorgeous in the sun, I wish I could show you. I love the Tronica collection. Unfortunately my salon had slim pickings, and I was only able to grab two. My wallet appreciated it.

Funny story from today!! I thought we were being invaded by space spiders!! No lie. Why? Well, I was just about to turn down my driveway when I noticed something strange happening on the road ahead of me. There was a car stopped and it (at first) looked like there was a dog walking in front of it. I was far enough away that details were hard to make out and it was a heavily shaded area.

Then the "dog" turned slightly and the shape changed drastically. It looked like a spider with two pointy protrusions coming out from each side of its body. A giant spider. Insert terrified four letter words here. I had come to a complete stop and was staring. Would you like a better visualization? Here, I drew you a picture.

Terrifying. hahahahaha. Not so much in my drawing. But just add sci-fi special effects in your imagination and you've got what I saw. After about thirty frightful seconds of staring I figured out what it was. 

No, it was not a space spider invading my neighborhood. 

It was two turkeys fighting. Back and forth across the road. They caused a bit of a traffic jam. Oh and a picture to show you what it actually was:

What, you expected an actual picture? Dead camera, remember? Silly. So after I realized what it was, I also realized I was holding up traffic and needed to turn. It was the craziest thing. If I had been closer I wouldn't have had the space spider freak out, but without detail they looked like one creature. Plus I have an overactive imagination and a love of everything sci-fi, and that adds to a situation.

Hopefully there will be more sun tomorrow and I can get some swatches done for you. The quality of pictures taken inside are just no good. I need a solution for the cloudy days that frequently occur here. Until then I will entertain with hilarious space spider stories.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hahaha I totally understand you about creating something in your head that isn't there - I once thought I saw a chicken near the traintrack, when instead it was a paperbag.

  2. Haha that's hilarious! I do it all the time, think things are something completely different and then get close and realize what a dork I am!


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